Competition Entries

The shift from products and services to connected product- and service ecosystems, often referred to as the Internet of Everything, requires novel business concepts and cross-sectoral development processes.

Meaningful experiences interact consistently across products, services and applications.

Consequently, the UX Design Awards act up to the principle of cross-platform user experiences. The Awards eschew narrowly defined product categories in favor of a more holistic approach.

The UX Design Awards accept submissions in the following areas:

Product Solutions

Launched or market ready products, services, environments

Entries for the “UX Design Award” may include for instance: Electronic products, digital applications, apps, software-based solutions, services, physical and virtual spaces containing electronic functions or digital touchpoints. Entries must have either been launched on the market no longer than two calendar years prior to their submission date, or should be planned for a launch within the year of submission.


Product studies, product- and service prototypes, interaction concepts, research projects

Entries for the “UX Design Award | Concept” may include for instance: Technological product studies, product or service prototypes, pioneering interaction solutions, research projects or solutions not (yet) intended for a market entry. The development process must have begun no longer than two calendar years prior to the submission date. Original entries or prototypes must be presented in the awards exhibition where the jury examination will take place.

For further information on the eligibility and terms of participation please refer to the registration information.