Participation & GTC


Participation in the competition is open to companies of all sizes from around the world, to design and architectural offices, to communication and PR agencies, to development and engineering offices as well as to consortia comprising of companies and science facilities or academic institutions.


The competition is open to product solutions, services or environments containing digital interfaces or electronic functions. Solutions for businesses and end users are equally accepted. Each participant may submit a total of up to six competition entries.

The UX Design Awards competition accepts submissions in the following product areas:

Product Solutions
Launched or market ready products, services, environments

For example: Electronic products, digital applications, apps, software-based solutions, services, physical and virtual spaces containing electronic functions or digital touchpoints. Entries must have either been launched on the market no longer than two calendar years prior to their submission date, or should be planned for a launch within the year of submission.

Professional product studies, product/service prototypes, research results

Entries for the „UX Design Award | Concept“ may include for example: Technological product studies, product or service prototypes, pioneering interaction solutions, research projects or solutions not (yet) intended for a market entry. The development process of the entries must have started no longer than two calendar years prior to their submission date. Original entries must be presentable in the awards exhibition where the jury examination will take place.

Application goals characterized by a positive user experience may include for example: Connectivity (creating smart systems, connected things and services), Productivity (adding structure or efficiency to daily activities), Communication (connecting people and communities), Mobility (supporting individual and collective mobility), Improvement (improving daily activities, functions and human abilities), Health (advancing health and wellbeing), Empowerment (enabling participation, inclusion and knowledge sharing), Engagement (activating, raising awareness, capturing attention), Disruption (redefining products or services), Privacy (emphasizing data protection, advancing digital security) or Enjoyment (enhancing emotional comfort, delight or fulfilment).

Submission Procedure

Submissions are registered via a password protected online form. The following data is requested: Contact information of the submitting entity, product description, product images, product film (optional), a description of the submission’s UX qualities und the implemented user research.

Competition Process

Among all valid submissions, the awards Jury nominates a limited amount of competition entries. The Participant may decline the nomination within 7 working days from the notification. Nominated product solutions and concepts must be delivered as fully functional original products for adjudication, taking place in the award exhibition before the IFA opening.


Product solutions and concepts that have been distinguished in an earlier UX Design Award edition are excluded from participation, unless they have undergone considerable changes in function or design in the meantime. If this is the case, the submitting entity must provide information and proof thereof with the application. Excluded from participation are: One-off and craft products, purely academic or student projects as well as solutions devoid of digital or electronic functions.


Participation in the UX Design Awards requires consent to the General Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here: Download the 2017 GTCs.