No submission fees are charged for a registration
of products for the competition.

Participation Costs in Case of Product Selection

Usability Award Nominated

Nomination & Presentation Package: 1250,- Euro*/**
Of all products submitted, the expert jury nominates up to 50 competition contributions.
The nominated products acquire the right to participate in the competition for the Usability Awards, are presented in the Usability Award exhibition at IFA and in the online exhibition.
Furthermore all nominated products acquire the right to use the title Usability Award Nominated, which offers added value for marketing and product communication.

Prize Costs in Case of Award Winning

The Awards will be bestowed during IFA, the global electronic product show,
on 8/9 September 2014. The Award Packages listed below entitle each honoree to use the bestowed Usability Award title and logo for the entire life cycle of the awarded product.

Usability Award Winner

Up to six Titles | Winner Package: 650,- Euro*
The Jury selects up to six Winner Awards for outstanding products and solutions in various product categories. The Usability Award winners are announced to the public during the IFA trade show ensuring good publicity. The Winner communication package includes a prominent product positioning in the online exhibition, in features and reports of Usability Award media partners.

Usability Award Gold

One Premium Title | Gold Package: 950,- Euro*
The jury awards up to one product and/or solution that stands in for particularly good design and user-orientation with the premium prize Usability Award Gold. The winner of the Gold Award is announced during the trade fair at the same time as the Winner Awards. The Gold Winner is considered as the “best of the best” in the competition.
The Gold communication package includes a highly prominent product positioning in the online exhibition, in features and reports of Usability Award media partners.

Usability Award: Public Choice

Ein Publikumspreis | Public Choice Package: 450,- Euro*
Visitors to IFA, as well as the general public, are given the opportunity to award a Public Choice Award through an online voting process over several weeks: the Public Choice Award is awarded independently from the competition jury’s decision.
The winner of the Public Choice Award is announced in early November.
Therefore, a product and/or service that the public is particularly fond of can be particularly highlighted in company communications and in trade just before the end of the year.

* Prices excluding VAT.
** Corporate Members of the International Design Center Berlin are entitled
to a discount of 50% on the Nomination & Presentation Package.

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