Online Registration

To the Online Registration / Applicant Login

Registration for the competition takes place in two stages
via a password protected online application portal:

Create a profile

  • Create a password
  • Enter details on the submitting entity, contact partners, invoice data

Registration of up to six products for the competition

For each product please submit:

  • Product description and category
  • Min. 2 product images
  • Names of designers and product managers involved
  • References on product usability (optional)

Please note:

  • Do not close the online form while filling in data
  • Regularly save entered data
  • To submit a product please confirm participation on the “submit project” page

Download a preview of the online registration form (PDF, 150 KB)
Preview only – to participate in the competition please follow the link
to the online registration (above).

All components of the registration must be submitted in full and on time. Original products should be submitted only in the follow-up to a nomination by the competition jury and a corresponding request from the organiser.