The Usability Award is assigned to electronic and digital product solutions with excellent qualities in the areas user orientation, usability and user experience.

Unlike in many other competitions, participants are offered the unique opportunity to personally present their solutions to the jury. The non-public jury meeting is held during the IFA exhibition period.

Usability Award Nominated

Among all submitted products, the expert jury nominates a limited number of competition entries. The nominated products and solutions acquire the right to use the title Usability Award Nominated and the permission to participate in the Usability Award competition. All nominated products are presented in the Usability Award special exhibition at IFA.

Usability Award Winner

The Jury selects Winner Awards for outstanding products and solutions in various product categories. The jury is free to decide on the number of awards, as well as their distribution between the product categories. The Usability Award winners are announced to the public during the trade fair ensuring good publicity.

Usability Award Gold

The product or solution that stands in for particularly excellent design and user-orientation is selected by the jury for the premium prize Usability Award Gold. The winner of the Gold Award is announced during the trade fair at the same time as the Winner Awards. The Gold Winner is considered as the “best of the best” in the competition.

Usability Award: Public Choice

Visitors to IFA, as well as the general public, are given the opportunity to award a Public Choice Award through an online voting process over several weeks. The winner of the Public Choice Award is announced at the beginning of November. Hence a product the public is particularly fond of can be particularly highlighted in company communications and in trade just before the end of the year.