Medx GmbH


Medx is a diagnostic tool which will extensively change the work of physicians: It displays a comprehensive and dynamic diagram, visualising the relations of a patient’s constellation of symptoms as well as the physician’s working hypotheses. By proposing further feasible symptoms and diagnoses in real-time, medx fosters a constructive and critical dialog between the tool and the user. The software aims on preventing so-called “premature closures” of cases as well as detecting rare diseases at an early stage. The high quality of its diagnoses was proven by clinical tests. The tool’s data basis consists of textual descriptions of disease patterns which are being edited by medical experts.


The usability concept of Medx combines the visual display of causal relations (reasoning) and an iterative enquiry of symptoms (check list). The user interface mainly consists of a comprehensible diagram which is constantly re-configurating during the diagnosis process. The workflow features the basic idea of “dragging” diagnosis, respectively symptoms that are listed on the margins, into the central workspace and match them there.