K8 industridesign


SunBell is a multifunctional solar lamp and phone charger by BR!GHT products. It is designed for all off grid people in the world. Today, 1.3 billion people live without electricity, burning expensive, dangerous and unhealthy kerosene. In other parts of the world many people enjoy camping. Today the need for light and phone charging is the same all over the world, and good light when you are off grid means opportunities for work, knowledge, safety and communication. Why solar energy? Because we all have sun, and it is free.


SunBell is built to have everything integrated. Everything fits together to create an easily understandable package. The lamp can be used in different ways, as a desk lamp, ceiling light or torch. The lamp is made of 3 main units: solar unit, light and battery unit. Charging SunBell on a sunny day takes about 4 hours. There are three light modes: strong light (100 lumen over 4,5 hrs), medium light (20 lumen over 15 hrs) and night light – 5 lumen for over 100 hrs! The phone charger allows charging any phone with the power of the lamp.