It is small, it is fast, you can take it everywhere with you and it looks extremely handsome; “WMF 1” is much more than a coffee pad machine. It is an object of design, a fashion phenomenon and an expression of a personal approach to life. Awarded seven national and international design prizes “WMF 1” appears in a number of exciting varieties, in black, in white or in an elegant silver, where It magically catches everyone’s attention.

As the smallest coffee pad machine in the world (194 x 132 x 191) “WMF 1” can be put to use anytime and anywhere. At home, in the office, in the holiday home, when camping or even in the bedroom, wherever you find an electric socket and this little miracle space-saver makes fresh coffee in under a minute. The cup, water reservoir and lead are incorporated in the machine so that you can move it around effortlessly. Suitable for all standard coffee pads “WMF 1” demonstrates how straightforward it is.